Infographic: BLDC Motors: Flying High in the Aerospace Industry


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Sinotech submitted this infographic to us.

The unified color scheme and typography help give this design a cohesive feel. It makes use of data visualization and iconography to assist in telling its story, as well. Section headers help organize the narrative and text is kept minimal to make digesting the information simple.

It’s important to exercise accuracy in your selection of data visualization styles for clarity. For example, the first data visualization uses 2.8 shaded hangars to indicate 2.8%, but what this actually seems to be saying is 93% (2.8 out of a total of 3). There would need to be 100 hangars with only 2.8 shaded in to convey this sentiment accurately. The choice was probably made in order to make 2.8% look like a larger portion, but it still needs to be a faithful representation to be trustworthy. In this case I’d recommend typography with just 1 fully-colored image of a hangar accompanying — in cases where data viz doesn’t send the intended message, typography can serve as a good alternate.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+, but just be careful when selecting your style of data visualization for a given stat.

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