Infographic: BLDC Motors Contribute to Advances in HVAC Industry


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This infographic was submitted to us by Sinotech.

It starts with a good overview of the history of brushless DC motors and the breakdown of their expenses. However, it seems that the background, which doesn’t specifically focus on HVAC, is about half of the infographic — since that’s such a significant portion, a title change might help reflect that. Perhaps something like “All about BLDC Motors and Their Contributions to HVAC Advancements”?

In the Benefits section, we see a great example of using icons relevant to the text callouts. The BLDC motor illustration also helps provide some context to viewers who aren’t familiar with the inner workings — in fact, an illustration like that might be useful at the start of the infographic and/or in the background section to provide some additional context.

I like the use of a bit of data visualization but would love to see some more, since there are so many great numbers! Pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, and quantagrams are all great data visualization options to help your viewers SEE your numbers instead of just reading them.

In all I’d give this infographic a B — a bit more data viz and either a revised title or more title-focused content would improve this a bit.

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