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Playing Blackjack is straightforward once you get the hang of it, and there’s nothing better than getting a dealt a Blackjack, losing a hand isn’t too great by comparison. So arm yourself with a strategy chart to help you in difficult situations at the table.

There’s always an element of chance in Blackjack, and you can’t always predict what the best move is, but if you have some strategy on your side you can give yourself an edge over the casino. Using the Blackjack strategy guide, you can see which move gives you the most optimal chance of winning your hand and taking down the dealer. While these might not work every time, statistically they are the most advantageous options on how to play your hand.

The chart may look complex, but it’s very simple when you get the hang of it. Down the left of the chart is the value of your hand, and across the top is the value of the dealer’s visible card. So you simply go to the point where the two intersect to find what you should do. Whether you hit, stand, double or split.

The graphic shows your choices at the blackjack table and what your best move is based on the situation. It’s a pretty handy chart for someone looking to improve their blackjack game! In all I’d give the design a B because it’s straight-to-the-point, it’s clear visually what the design is about, it keeps text relatively light in most spots, and it’s a helpful guide. I’d love to see a little intro and conclusion to spruce it up a little, and perhaps some more unique typography, but the meat of the content is there.

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