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This infographic was submitted to us by Women Health and this is what they had to say about it:

“Birth control has ruled the human society ever since women realized that they are not baby making factories and that relationship, self preservation and financial possibilities responsible for sustaining a family were directly linked to how many
children a family can afford.”

This infographic has a lot of interesting and somewhat alarming statistics. I, for one, was surprised at the fact that 49% of pregnancies are unintended. Maybe it is the word choice of “unintended” versus “unexpected” that has a negative connotation, but it definitely caught me off guard. It was also interesting to see the usage and failure of birth control pills.

The statistics are visualized really nicely for the most part in this infographic. There were a couple charts where it seemed the data wasn’t completely accurately represented though. For instance, the pie chart that is meant to represent 1% is a bit off. However, the designer did a great job of balancing data-visualization and text. I also like the variation of charts used for data-visualization. Although there is a mixture of types of charts, they also all fit into the birth control pill category which is great.

This infographic uses black as a background color, which is not ideal, but I think the electric blue is a good color choice to make it pop. It also has a really good flow and stays very consistent with the theme. Overall, I would give this infographic an A.

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