Infographic: Metaphor: The Shortcut to Yes!


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Anne Miller submitted this infographic to us!

Through dynamic typography and helpful imagery, each portion of the design moves fairly fast. However, it seems like there is quite a bit of background before getting into the meat of how to use a metaphor. The “why” is about half of the image, so it starts to feel a bit repetitive.

There are also some spots where more imagery would be helpful instead of type. For example in “Metaphors shape thinking & action” I’d love to see images for bailout vs. safety net, jungle vs. game vs. puzzle, etc.

There’s a lot going on right now, and shortening the first several sections to help “cut to the chase” a bit faster would improve viewability here. Currently the viewer has to rely on the text to get the main messages.

In all I’d give this design a C because it makes some use of design elements to help tell the story, but there is still quite a lot of text accompanying, and that text is really driving the progression of the narrative. A bit more selectivity in what information to include would definitely help streamline this design.

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