Infographic: Benefits of Educational Travel


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This infographic about the benefits of educational travel comes to us from the folks at Explorica.

I like the color scheme and design of this infographic and the simple graphics used. There is a good balance between text and graphics so it has pretty good data visualization.

Overall I give this a B because there are a few minor things that I would suggest changing or adding to improve it. One big general suggestion I have is to shrink this down and get rid of some of the unused space; at its current full size viewers have to scroll down a lot and there is plenty of empty space that could be put to use. Another suggestion I have is for the two statistics that are presented in pie chart-like form; the pictures that represent those two statistics don’t really tell the reader anything without the text so I suggest adding more relevant graphics or changing this somehow.

I do think the graphics for the other statistics work pretty well and give at least a good general idea about the statistics that the bars represent. I also like the bottom statistic about educational travel making people a better global citizen. The picture of a stick figure holding up a globe is a good representation of this. I think that the statistics that are just in clouds could be represented better visually in a way that is specific to each fact.

The overall appearance and balance between text and graphics on this infographic is nice. With a few minor adjustments the infographic could have much better data visualization and therefore be a better IG overall.

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