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This infographic submission comes from the ladies and gentlemen over at Consumer Car Reviews. More and more hybrids are scooting around town, and this infographic is designed to show just how effective these cars are in saving money and the environment. The color scheme is simple, clean and conducive to it’s “green” message. The graphs, charts and images used to show relevant savings are effective, and require/use little to no text to explain.

The first three images look great. Using the LA to Sydney image to convey just how much Americans drive, in terms of actual distance, is impressive and effective and a great lead. Again, the next two graphs are effective in explaining how much gasoline Americans use, particularly the swimming pool comparison. These types of graphics help put hard data into perspective and give readers a real-life reference point for the data. They also do not require much textual explanation, which is the whole point of an infographic.

Unfortunately, the last half of this infographic seems to lose some steam. Providing the statistic that it would take almost 8 years to break even on the purchase price of a hybrid actually takes away from the pro-hybrid discussion and hurts the message overall. There’s likely a better way to show this information, perhaps using Colorado’s tax rebate program for hybrid purchases as an example in a bar graph. For example, showing the cost of initially purchasing a hybrid (factoring in the tax rebate) and the gas savings over a set period of time when compared to the total cost (purchase price and cost of gas over the same period of time) of a regular non-hybrid vehicle.

The gasoline cans portraying the potential national gas savings also lose some of their potential. Again, huge numbers like 74 billion gallons are more effective when put into a real-life comparison, such as a giant tank filled with gas with the Statue of Liberty or similar landmark next to it for size and volume reference.

Overall, this infographic does a nice job with getting the information and the story across to its readers. I’d give this infographic a B, as it is mostly data driven and clean but some of the data visualization falls short of its potential impact.

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