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This infographic was submitted to us by Landscape East & West; they also provided this brief description:

Our backyards are evolving – especially in Oregon! Portland landscaping maintenance now means much more than it used to – thanks in part to edible gardening. This infographic by Landscape East & West, Portland landscape maintenance experts, examines what U.S. residents are growing, offers edible landscaping tips, and shows when to plant Portland edibles.

This infographic gives great advice for Portland residents who have or want to start their own gardens. The aesthetic is consistent throughout and there’s a pretty good amount of data visualization used to reduce the reliance on text. I like the handy guide on when to plant each type of edible: although it’s pretty much all text in that section, it’s relevant to the topic and broken up into categories to avoid long lists.

I was blown away that over 50% of US households grow veggies — can that be true?! I didn’t dig through the listed sources to double-check, but it’s good to see that they are listed. It’s also great to get a little more specific when you can — which of the National Gardening Association’s pages did the information come from?

I’m also curious, for the “What’s In Our Edible Landscapes?” section, if the survey is of Portland gardeners or all US gardeners. A little more context would be great there, since although the infographic is targeted at Portland residents, many of the stats seem to be representative of the nation.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B. Pretty good information, but a bit more context would be great, and the design and colors could be a bit more lively for a lush topic like gardening!

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