Infographic: Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent


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This infographic was submitted to us by Renters Alarm Co.

It contains a few interesting scenes of moving and households and uses primarily iconography and illustration to tell the story, rather than data visualization (with the exception of the alarm clock for the stat, “A burglary happens every 14 seconds”). It’s good that text is kept to a minimum throughout. (One tiny typo note: the only stat that has a period at the end is, “Only 12% of burglaries are resolved by the police.” Make sure to be consistent on whether you’re using periods!)

It strikes me as a little bit odd that Washington D.C. gets a “prize” for having the highest property crime rates, though of course I know that that is an obvious symbol to use for anything that’s #1. It doesn’t seem like something they’d award a prize for, but that’s a small note. I’m more wondering why the circles for “2nd” and “10th” are larger than all the other circles.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It tells its story in a concise and engaging way, but it could benefit from an intro paragraph and a bit more attention to detail with the way data is displayed.

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