Infographic: Be Green & Stay Cool with Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning


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AAA Heating and Cooling submitted this infographic to us.

The design makes effective use of data visualization to help tell its story. In the first instance, we can see immediately that most households with older ACs have units that are 10-14 years old, but also that it’s more common to have a unit that’s 20+ years old than one that’s 15-19 years old. The bar graph tells this story quickly and clearly so that the viewer doesn’t need to spend a lot of time interpreting what’s being said.

I would like to see the section headers a bit more prominent; as is they seem to use the same font size as the body copy, so it’s only the blue bars that can really tip you off to notice that that text is a header.

I also like the final section, which offers tips to save on your AC bills by showing a room in the house and pointing out each tip as it relates to different spots in a room. This is a great tool for really bringing information into context and making it more accessible.

In all I’d give this infographic a B; it’s quick to get through and stays on topic throughout!

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