Infographic: Bath Salts Abuse


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This infographic was submitted by Pat Moore

I’ll admit I’d never heard of meph before, so I learned a lot from this infographic. It’s packed full of useful data and definitions for the clueless. It’s fascinating–and scary–that something you’d find in the personal care aisle can be used to get high.

I really like the price comparisons to other drugs, showing that mephedrone is significantly cheaper than many other street drugs. It’s also useful to have all the common street names listed.

All the illustrations on here are valuable to the infographic, so I wouldn’t recommend removing them, but some additional types of data are needed to include data visualization in the infographic. The illustrations on methods of ingestion and different forms of meph are the types of imagery you’d find on any infographic; they help get the point across without wordy descriptions. But are there available statistics on meph? How many people use it? How many hospitalizations are linked to its recreational use/abuse? Are there rankings of which countries use meph the most? These sort of usage statistics would help bolster the point of why we should learn about this drug.

(Typo side note: “cocaine” is misspelled on the price per gram chart.)

Overall I’d give this infographic a B-. It’s got a lot of great things in here, but to really emphasize the importance of the information, we need to know how prevalent of a problem it is. Data viz is crucial to all infographics. When this includes some stats, it will be much more powerful.

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