Infographic: Bank of America Hunger Relief Program Support


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This infographic was submitted to us by Bank of America. They also provided this description:

Supporting hunger relief programs is a top priority for Bank of America. They have been working to end hunger since 2008 with donations and volunteering.

This graphic has some cute illustrations and showcases a lot of great information. We get a great overview of how much the company is doing to fight hunger and food insecurity in the United States. Plenty of iconography is used to illustrate the points being made… but what I’d love to see is all these excellent numbers effectively visualized.

16 million pounds of food could be shown as 16 ears of corn — or 1 ear of corn representing 1 million pounds of food, next to another ear of corn (the one on the scale) 16x larger than the first ear. Similarly, the 5 million pounds of fresh produce out of 16 million total could be shown as five fruits and vegetables, while the remaining 11 could be boxes, cans, juice, milk, etc. For the Mt. Everest comparison, it’d be great to see 6.95 containers (one for every hundred containers) or even 69.5 small containers (one for every 10 containers) stacked up next to or against Mt. Everest.

The point of data visualization is to take the written number and translate it into something that can be understood with the eye, without reading. That way, the only necessary reading would be of a key, or a brief descriptor for context. If that were introduced into this infographic, it would be an even more powerful way of showcasing the important numbers.

As an infographic, I’d have to give this a C-, because there’s no data visualization. However, the text-light data, rich with numbers and possibilities to include data viz, makes it a great candidate for improvement!

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