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This infographic was submitted to us by StudyDog, who also provided a brief description:

This infographic explores some of the research on pre-k education – and helps us understand why the achievement gap is present before the start of kindergarten.

This infographic has some very engaging stats and they’re visualized fairly well throughout. There is corresponding data viz (charts or pictograms) for every statistic. The design is colorful and makes good use of a chalkboard motif.

The infographic could benefit from a bit less text, however. Part of this is appearance, because the font size is pretty large throughout the design and could be taken down a couple of points to condense the infographic a bit. However, the case study section and the 5 tips are both quite text-heavy, and they’re right next to each other, so a large portion of the end of the infographic looks a little intimidating. On infographics, text should be minimized wherever possible to keep the flow of the infographic streamlined and quick to get through.

Because of the startling nature of many of the stats, I took a look at the Sources section and noticed the company cited themselves on a few things. We generally advise against that as it tends to diminish the credibility of the info (unless the company has conducted its own independent research) — and it’s best to just go back to the original source if it isn’t the company’s original info.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. A little tightening up of the copy and another look at the sources would be great!

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