Infographic: Baby Gift Ideas According to Parenting Style


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Have you ever realized that shopping for baby gifts usually mean shopping for the needs and wants of the baby’s parents? We know how important proper parenting is to a child’s development and what better way to help this process by providing tools that parents might be able to use in raising their young ones. Whether you are gifting for brand new parents or for those who are already veterans of the parenting world, this infographic will help you find the perfect present to give their little babies. Show how thoughtful you are of their parenting style by getting their baby something that is also close to their hearts. For example, an organic baby blanket is a great gift for couples who really care for the environment. As for tech-savvy parents, hi-tech baby monitors might do the trick. Review this baby gift guide for more examples and surprise your loved ones by showing how well you know them.

Since there is no data here, it isn’t really an infographic. What percent of expectant parents throw a baby shower? What percent of parents regift? How many baby showers are there in America every week?

I’m also a bit confused by the key — “Doting Parents” need large jars of baby food? Only “Survival Parents” carry diaper bags? “Bargain-Hunting Parents” will appreciate eco-friendly diapers? Not to mention that unfortunately I find the baby illustration pretty creepy: pink rhinestone sunglasses and a bear hat on a baby that seems to be hovering above the ground.

I think a better approach to this might be to have a few icons of the type of items one might buy for these parents next to the description of the parents. It takes the eye some time to match each gift in the central image with the appropriate-colored pacifier. Then there could also be a few stats — most popular tech gifts for new parents (by number sold?), percent of parents that will spend more for fashion-forward clothes for baby, etc.

As an infographic, this is an F, unfortunately, but with consideration to a new approach and design, it’s certainly not a bad CONCEPT for an infographic!

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