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This infographic was submitted by GoldenAsp, who also provided a description:

Each spring, thousands of high school teens prepare for the biggest event of their high school career – prom. This tradition, which started back in the 1800s at Ivy League colleges, has become one of the most expensive outings for high school students and their parents to afford.

Prom has grown into an all out gala over the years. Once a traditional dance held on college campuses, proms today include extravagant venues, elaborate wardrobes, and over-the-top “after-prom” plans.


For a closer look at what is purchased for prom and who pays the bill, check out our Cost of Prom Infographic.

This is a very bright and sparkly look at modern prom costs! It’s interesting to see so many specifics on how much parents and kids may end up spending — especially that families that make less tend to spend more.

The design accents go a bit over the top in places, taking the focus away from the illustrations and data and placing it on the embellishments instead. Be careful not to overshadow your main point with too many elaborate touches!

Additionally, once I scrolled to the bottom I noticed UK, NZ, and US sources. While I believe I found the right UK article, which does actually reference US numbers, I’m not so sure about the NZ government numbers — would those be both for American families and in United States Dollars? While I can’t be sure if any stats in this infographic don’t quite belong, it’s a good note to all viewers to ensure that all your stats are comparable!

In all I’d give this infographic a B: it accomplishes its goals and is well organized, but is a bit distracting in terms of design — information should be the focus!

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