Infographic: Auto CEOs vs. Their Employees


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This infographic was submitted to us by Car Insurance It provides a comparison of the salaries of Auto CEOs versus their employees and is indeed “shocking”. The designer gave some really cool visualizations and comparisons of CEO salaries. I really like the way they showed how many best selling cars it would take to pay the respective CEOs salary. I also think it was pretty creative how the portrait of a CEO was divided to indicate the top 7 CEOs salaries.

This infographic is also a good example of not being too text-heavy. Much of the data-visualization is self-explanatory, which is a necessary quality of a good IG. It also maintains the same theme throughout and tells the viewer a story. The color palette used is very nice as well. It is helpful that the designer assigned each CEO/auto company a color, and their color remained the same in every graphic- it makes the information easier to understand.

This IG contains a lot of great information and statistics, however, some of the ways the data was visualized was a little bit hard to follow. In particular, the info about bonus breakdowns was really confusing to me. I read through it a couple times and would still get lost about what each symbol and dollar amount was meant to represent. Another piece of data that could be improved is under the heading “Factors Affecting Wage Range”. The graphic shows statistics of wages for workers who have been on the job for 1-4 years and 10-19 years, but leaves us hanging in the 5-9 year range. It is especially confusing because the 5-9 year range is filled in with color, but there is no statistic or explanation why. This is a simple fix, but a necessary one.

Overall, I would give this infographic a B+. It has a great color scheme, interestingly shocking information, and nice data-visualization. With a few quick fixes to cut down on confusion it could reach the next level.

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