Infographic: Around-the-World Ski Calendar


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The design here is pretty busy, but the illustrations are great and the style is clean overall. It just looks a bit crowded between the illustrations, the icons, the data viz and the text! Still, the info is really useful for skiers with the travel bug, and seems like it could really help them pick their favorite destinations — especially with the circle graphs showing the ratio of available courses for each skill level. Then it just comes down to where they can get some cheap flights to and from their ski adventures!

I also love the visualizations for distance from the airport and elevation. Creative data viz goes a long way in making an impression in the infographics world. However, it does make the final section pretty off-putting in comparison. A large texty chart doesn’t look like something you want to read after coming across engaging charts and graphs. With a little more time and space, more data viz could be employed for the remaining sections. It also seems you don’t need the Mountain Elevations, Resort Elevation, or Cost of Stay Indicator in that bottom chart, since they are already conveyed in the first section — so that would eliminate a lot of the bulk!

In all I’m a fan of this IG, so I’d love to see the bottom chart slimmed down so that it can finish with the same “bang” with which it starts!

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