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This infographic was submitted to us by Big Steel Box, who provided this description:

Moving homes can be a big pain in the you-know-what. That’s why you need to make lists, stay organized and keep a calm head. The folks at Big Steel Box have prepared some helpful advice and a handy checklist to keep your moving day as relaxing as possible. Find out what you need to prepare for your next big move!

This graphic is full of great tips for making moving less stressful. Some are relatively common (confirming your moving date is DEFINITELY a must!) and some are nice and innovative. I’ve used canvas grocery bags, trash bags, pillowcases etc. to make moving in a car easier, but it’s something you might not think about until your trying to wedge the last box up against the curved ceiling of your car’s backseat. I’ve also neglected to label a few boxes out of the bunch before, which sure makes putting the boxes in their correct rooms impossible once you arrive!

While there are tons of great tips here, there’s no data, and no data viz. Checking out some moving surveys would be a great addition to this. What percent of people have accidentally left something behind in a move? What’s the first thing most people unpack? What percent of people hire movers as opposed to doing it themselves? A little bit of data would spice this up nicely.

Overall I’d give this a B+ as a moving tool but a D as an infographic, since there isn’t any data.

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