Infographic: Apple vs. Samsung: The Battle for China


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The infographic source for this submission is City Index.

This infographic gives a solid overview of Apple stock vs. Samsung stock in China. It’s clear from the data visualization of shares, Apple once ruled the market — but Samsung has made an enormous comeback, and seem to be the clear winner in China’s current and future market.

The design utilizes a reasonable amount of data viz and plenty of info to help investors (or simply the curious) decide which stock is strongest. There is a consistent color palette and aesthetic to unify the infographic.

The choice to end on a quote from the Apple CEO is an interesting one, since the infographic content focuses on Apple’s slipping hold on the China market. Perhaps it was a sarcastic choice, or an allusion to the potential deal Apple may strike with China Mobile — but is it a significant enough deal to shift the tide of China’s mobile market?

The dynamic sizing of elements in this infographic is a bit distracting. It seems to impart a bit too much negative space into the design, leaving the viewer scrolling a bit longer than they might need to — the final sections (700M subscribers and the sources) are especially noticeabley stark.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It gives a great overview of the market and uses some data visualization, but could reevaluate use of space a bit and focus on visualizing more of the available numbers to reduce reliance on text.

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