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There’s a pleasing purple throughout this graphic, and the variations in size and typeface keep the information engaging throughout. There are lots of really interesting facts and stats here, and they’re pretty well organized. It’s fascinating to see the impact that this brand has overseas, in a country where the phones are produced but largely unaffordable. I like the relative ambiguity of the background image–it provides enough visual interest but isn’t distracting. In fact, sometimes very plain backgrounds on IGs are more distracting than patterned ones! That logo dispute at the bottom is pretty interesting too; does Apple really have a problem with all images that even sort of look like an apple?

While there is plenty of great information here, none of it is visualized. There’s lots of text and numbers but no charts or graphs. Viewers have to do more reading than looking, which isn’t ideal for an infographic. Since the size of text varies throughout, the designer could use that to his/her stylistic advantage while employing data viz at the same time. Right now, the size variation seems to be purely aesthetic. The largest statistic is the 27 suppliers who allegedly have serious pollution problems–but 27 is definitely not the highest number here. (This would be easier if there were more comparative data–maybe versus Microsoft or other tech giants?)

On a technical note: 70B$ should be $70B.

Overall I’d give this infographic a C+. It’s got really good data, but without visualization it’s just not truly an infographic. Some revision in this area would make this fantastic.

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