Infographic: Android Depreciation


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This is a good guide for people looking to trade in their phones or even just wondering what’s “in” and “out” in the world of phones and tablets! I like the use of data visualization for the Top 3 Android Brands, and it would be great to see this recur in the other sections. Overall, the brevity of this infographic seems appropriate for the topic.

I’m a bit confused about the header — there doesn’t seem to be a true “title” for this infographic. This is important so that readers know for sure what they’re getting before diving in, and it helps to distinguish the infographic during distribution. I’d also like to see a brief introduction and conclusion here; they help to begin and end the story that the infographic tells. Since this infographic is quite brief, it really only has 1-2 main points to make, but an intro and conclusion help bring a sense of completeness.

A quick proofing note: in the “Top 3 Android Brands” section, the parenthetical statement should also be in title casing, and “Trade in” should be hyphenated.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-. It accomplishes what it wants to, but with minimal detail.

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