Infographic: Anatomy of a Shark Attack


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This infographic was submitted to us by, who should certainly know a thing or two about shark attacks!

There’s a lot of great data here that snorklers, divers, swimmers, surfers, sailors, parasailors etc. could find quite useful. It’s definitely good to know that it’s quite unlikely you’ll be killed by a shark attack–but unsettling that the rate of fatality is on the rise! The shark illustration is also pretty darn cute.

I’d like to see a little more visual organization, though. In some spots (Scientists Have Defined Two Types of Shark Attacks; We Cannot Eliminate the Possibility…), the subtitles/transitional text aren’t emphasized, making the text look even, shall I say, “textier”? Text can effectively kill an infographic when it just looks chunky/long, and it really doesn’t take much at all to look text-heavy. For instance, Sneak Attack: only two short sentences, but four and a half lines of text!

Also, there are so many opportunities for data viz, but only one of them (Global Shark Attack Activity) is used! The map is sort of an attempt at data viz, but there’s nothing to visually show the proportion between confirmed and fatal attacks–the division of blue and red is equal for each continent.

If there were more data viz and a bit more attention paid to organization, this infographic would be significantly approved. As is, I’d give it a C.

Stay safe in those waters!

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