Infographic: Anatomy of a Job Interview


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There are a lot of priceless tips here about how to make the most of a job interview. The design is simple and the colors bright, and it’s a great little overview of what to do and what to avoid. I especially like the inclusion of sample questions–you can’t help but think of what your answer would be for each question when you read them.

But this infographic is missing something critical–it lacks data viz. There is one pie chart here, but it’s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially because it uses nearly the same colors as the background of the section it’s in. While this graphic is certainly a useful tool, it isn’t a true infographic because it lacks visualizable data.

Surveys could beef up the data quotient here–what percentage of interviewees find themselves sweating excessively? How many forget to bring a copy of their resume? What percentage of hiring managers would reject someone based on other factors besides appearance?

Numbers could be quite helpful for people seeking the best paying jobs–knowing that 2 out of 3 interviewees undervalue themselves when negotiating pay, for example, could make them pay extra attention to this themselves. (Let’s be clear: that stat was completely made up. It was just meant to illustrate the importance of data!)

In addition, the value of education in landing a job is evident in the employment/unemployment rates in the United States (which would be great to include here for more data viz!), so this will be an especially valuable resource for those who’ve earned or are pursuing the highest paying Masters Degrees.

As an infographic I’d give this a D–but as a tool for job hunters, a B+!

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