Infographic: An Inside Look at Craftsman House Plans


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It’s a great overview of what makes a Craftsman home and the must-have features, as well as how arts and crafts evolved into a whole style of home over the years. This infographic is a great choice for photos (and not many are) because it’s describing delicate features one might want to see in their own home; getting a real sense of what homes with these features look like is helpful here.

The blueprint texture on the background is a nice touch to evoke the sensation of house plans without being overbearing, and the subtle shading of the background helps indicate section breaks.

My only critique is that the infographic ends abruptly, with no concluding sentence between the end of the timeline and the logo. It’s nice to leave the viewer with something to consider when they leave the infographic, like “What your favorite feature in a Craftsman home?” or “Do you dream of owning a Craftsman home?” or something of that nature.

In all, though, I’d give this infographic an B. It’s concise, clear, and overall professional.

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