Infographic: American Family Finance Statistics


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While there are a lot of numbers here, there are only 3 instances of visualized data, all grouped together at the end of the IG. For the rest of the statistics, the numbers are simply written out without any visual accompaniment. A bar graph could be utilized for many of the top stats, to show the average household income relative to average savings, credit card debt, home value etc. It’d be interesting to see how debt compares to savings, for example. Then as for the percentages, a simple pie chart or pictogram (both are utilized later in the infographic) would help illustrate the proportions.

Since the infographic leads off with a list of numbers that aren’t visualized, it isn’t particularly engaging from the start. Beginning with data viz would be a good way to draw the viewer in to hang on for the rest of the information, if you weren’t planning on visualizing the rest of it for some reason.

I’d also like to see an introduction and conclusion. This infographic launches into a list of numbers, and then ends promptly with a logo. There are no section headings, either, so we end up with a set of random facts that lack a storyline. Infographics should tell a story, rather than just collecting assorted facts.

In all I’d give this infographic a C-. It could use organization, a storyline, and increased visualization to create a great infographic.

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