Infographic: American Families & Multigenerational Home Plans


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Multigenerational households are on the rise in America for a number of reasons. This infographic explores the shift to multigenerational living, its benefits and the many features of multigenerational house plans that home buyers crave.

The design uses data visualization quite effectively so that viewers can process the information more quickly (and are more likely to pay attention to it). The sample floor plan is an interesting detail, informing viewers who might be unfamiliar with the ideal setup for multigenerational homes (or those looking to buy/remodel to accommodate multiple generations).

Since text is minimal (save for an intro paragraph, which is always recommended, and a brief history of multigenerational homes), it’s easy to navigate through the infographic quickly and get all the information you need without pondering phrasing. It’s nice to see a variety of data visualization (bar graphs, line graphs, quantagrams, etc.) to keep things fresh.

The only detail I’m having trouble with is the organization of the first section. From the section header to the paragraph next to it, the subheading in green, the bar graph, and the section header for the subsequent section, it’s hard for the eye to know where to go next. I’d consider revisiting the layout for that portion of the infographic.

In all I’d give this in A-, just keeping in mind that organizational detail!

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