Infographic: Amazing Facts About Theme Parks


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This infographic was submitted to us by Iglu Cruise.

It’s really fun to read. It certainly runs the gamut of most facts you might want to know about amusement parks, and it makes a nice reference guide for someone who might be planning theme park-related vacations. Some of the data viz is great–among my favorites are the bar graph with two dinosaurs representing the costs of Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park, The Ride, and the specific stats about roller coaster features. It’s also very cleanly organized with clear headings, so unlike a theme park, it’s difficult to get lost!

One of the major downfalls of this infographic is that it is so text-heavy. There are lots of illustrations and cute icons, but because there’s so much text, it isn’t immediately obvious that there are several examples of data viz. They’re very small in comparison to all of the text. I liked the two examples of data viz mentioned above because their size and unique nature makes them stand out. A better ratio of viz to text would improve this infographic greatly.

I was waiting to see the odds of death at a theme park compared to the odds of death in other “hazardous” activities. How does that compare to chances of death by lightning? Airplane crashes? Food allergies? It’s okay to venture a little bit outside of your theme (no pun intended) when it actually bolsters the information.

Oversights like the dreaded copy-paste failure are important mistakes to catch in final proofing. (“We had to wait until the 19th century for rides that had cars that were locked to their tracks” appears twice in the history section, although once it is part of another sentence.)

Overall I’d give this infographic a C. It’s pretty darn thorough in terms of data collection, but notice my first sentence–this infographic is fun to read. It took me 3-5 minutes to look through and absorb this information because there was so much reading involved. More graphs and stats, less text please!

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