Infographic: Am I Indie?


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SessionsX sent us this infographic along with a brief description:

In today’s music climate, three major labels control about 70% of the revenue while the rest of the labels have to scrounge in order to have a chance at being profitable. However, that scrounging is becoming easier due to internet streaming sites.

The design shows off a wide range of fonts (with consistency across milestones like subheaders) and a lot of icons to help viewers along. It’s an engaging design with a lot of playful elements.

Something to note is that there are a few different illustration styles going on, which can be a little distracting. The Grammy illustration, for instance, is more of a silhouette with a bold outline, while the icon for “Broaden their consumer base” has much more detail and shading. A few other styles enter the mix in other sections. It’s best to pick 1 main style (or 1 illustration style and 1 complementary icon or data visualization style) to keep viewers focused on what the image shows rather than how it looks compared to others.

The design could also benefit from some more concision — there are some text chunks that are bigger than they need to be to get the point across. Infographics don’t necessarily need full sentences, and breaking large chunks up into bullets (which is done very well in “It’s Hard Out Here for an Indie” but not as well in “Better Get My Music Online”) is usually the best way to make sure viewers don’t skip over your information.

In all I’d give this infographic a C+, because it’s got some great design elements but could use a little more unity and a lot less text.

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