Infographic: All Companies in Alibaba Group


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Alibaba is aiming for one of the biggest tech IPOs, presents an interesting infographic about the whole Alibaba Group.
The Chinese company is best know for their B2B platform but in fact, the Chinese giant has a varied portfolio of tech companies.
Never heard of AliExpress or AliPay? Get familiar with all the companies in Alibaba Group – the services will be available in the US very soon.

While the content covers what the title sets you up to expect, the infographic doesn’t use visuals to help you understand any of the content better. The circle gives a sense of unity, conveying that all the companies in the Alibaba Group are related, but there are no visuals to explain what each company does or provide any additional background. We rely on the text to tell us what each company is.

An intro and conclusion would be appropriate places to utilize text to help offer context on the infographic. Then the body of the infographic could go into more visual detail about how each company within the Alibaba Group differs.

In all I’d give this infographic a C, since it relies almost entirely on text for its story. Visuals should be at the heart of any infographic.

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