Infographic: Air Conditioning Service Helps to Beat the Summer Heat


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This infographic was submitted to us by AAA Heating & Cooling.

It turns out that a poorly maintained air conditioning unit can really compromise efficiency, increasing the costs necessary to cool your home. This infographic shows the results of poor maintenance and the impact it can make by putting in the effort. It does a pretty good job of utilizing a combination of data visualization and icons. While there aren’t any huge text chunks, there are a few places where the text could be reduced further to streamline the design — it’s not critical to use full sentence on data points if the icon or data viz is doing its job. One way to break up text further is to use bullet points instead of putting multiple thoughts together in one chunk.

I like that each section is divided by a bold orange section header that spans the width of the infographic. Clear section breaks are perfect for informing the viewer that a new idea will be introduced.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It’s clear and concise, but could benefit from a bit of text trimming and redistribution in places to bring the focus back to the visuals.

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