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Full of the kind of information that’s stunning but not-so-stunning at the same time (because we all know how bad the smartphone addiction really is!), this infographic drives home a lot of important points. It’s amazing that well over half of men in the United States own a smartphone–I’m frankly surprised the number isn’t comparable for women. There’s a bunch of useful data in here and the design, colors and structure of this infographic are pretty nice.

Most of the numbers are just that, though–numbers. Opportunities for visualization are missed or slightly confusing. Take the “using phones on the toilet” example. I understand that to convey the difference between an adult stick figure and a teen stick figure, you’d make the teen smaller. However, 47% of teens have used their phone on the toilet, compared to just 22% of adults. That makes the adult being larger a little problematic, because it could be mistaken for data viz. Maybe solve the size issue by making the toilet that the teen is on proportionally bigger? Or make a pie chart in a toilet bowl. There are some fun possibilities here.

Another big problem is the lack of listed sources, or the company that commissioned the infographic and the company that designed it. Without a list of sources, viewers may assume the numbers came out of nowhere–and they won’t be able to verify the information for themselves. And without your company name somewhere on the infographic, you’re likely to have problems with misuse and improper linkbacks.

Overall I’d give this infographic a C+. It’s well on its way, but doing something more inventive with the statistical data and making sure to cite your sources are very important for infographics.

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