Infographic: Action for Brain Injury Week


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This infographic was submitted to us by Paul Rooney Legal.

This is a fun, clean design with a consistent palette and aesthetic — an importance characteristic of a great infographic. Fun designs are engaging, clean designs are easy to navigate, and consistent palettes and styles avoid jarring the viewer.

The infographic itself does need a headline, though. If anyone were to share it, they’d think “Paul Rooney Legal” was the name of the infographic, and wouldn’t know what to expect as far as content.

I like the icons as well as the data visualization, where it appears. There are a few things that are negatively impacting the effectiveness of the data visualization, though. For example, the frowning face as a pie chart is a bit confusing because the chart itself doesn’t seem to represent any of the numbers mentioned in the copy below it. Additionally, I love the idea of a bicycle wheel as a pie chart, but the large white label “HELMET” is pretty counterintuitive, since the wheel is not in fact a helmet. It would have been better for the dotted line to connect to the “85%”, or to have “bicycle accidents” in large font as the callout.

However, the “men are twice as likely” data viz is great — it’d be nice to see the accompanying percentage since it looks like it might be 55% more likely or something like that, but it’s pretty effective on its own.

One last little callout: the “Cognitive” box at the bottom seems to have the text a half-step up higher than the other two boxes, which is a bit odd.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+. Just a bit more attention to how the data visualization is being used would make this great!

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