Infographic: A Mini Guide to Starting Your Own Business


A Mini Guide to Starting your own business

A mini guide to starting your own business by the team at XLN Telecom

This graphic boasts truly eye-catching design, organization and aesthetic. The illustrations feel at-home within the design and the colors stay harmonious throughout, too. Text is kept way down so it’s simple to navigate through this quickly and get all the key information. The only place it gets a bit out of control is the “Cash Flow Management” section.

I wonder about the drop-down “NO” and “YES” for each question in “Have You Got What it Takes?” Typically that would be used if it were a pathway or “choose your own adventure” type of thing… but none of the yesses or nos feed directly into anything else, so it just winds up looking a little needlessly busy in that section.

This is more a guide than it is an infographic, so grading it as one would be unfair. As a tool for those looking to start a business, and as a graphic design, I’d give it an A-. But since there are very few numbers and no data viz, it isn’t a traditional infographic, so I’d give it a C- on that front. More business stats would boost that factor.

In all an enjoyable graphic with refreshing design sense, but again not what we would typically define as an infographic.

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