Infographic: A Look Ahead at the Year 2020


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With this infographic, gives you a chance to look ahead to the year 2020, with an eye toward which communities and careers will see the most growth.

What jobs will be the most in-demand? What will the average life expectancy be? Check out this image to find out for yourself.

This infographic uses a dynamic illustration style and color palette to make it stand out — even on a white background. The illustration in the header and the detailed map help draw the eye in, although the large block of tables and charts below seems a bit daunting following all the enticing visuals!

It would be nice to see the data chunks interspersed a bit more evenly, or displayed more creatively, so that the bottom half of the infographic doesn’t appear so intimidating. It would also be a bit more intuitive to include the “10 Fastest-Growing Areas” and “10 Fastest-Shrinking Areas” immediately below the map, since that data is what the map is describing.

The subheading “What Will the US Look Like in 2020” almost serves as a brief intro, describing what the viewer will learn about. I’d also love to see a conclusion, though, to tie things up!

In all I’d give this infographic a B – a bit more thought to layout and spacing of sections would help the flow and digestibility of this design.

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