Infographic: A Guide to UX Careers


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This infographic was submitted to us by Onward Search.

This is a very slick IG. It’s streamlined, well organized, modern and informative. The design is clean and simple in appearance, but in a professional way, not a lackluster one. The data viz here is extremely easy to interpret. If an infographic of this sort were available for every profession, it would probably be much easier for everyone to choose a career path!

My favorite sections here are the “Where are the UX Jobs” map and the “Must Know Tools of the Trade” (although technically, since “Must Know” is being used as an adjective, it should be hyphenated… but that’s why I’m blogging and not working in User Experience). The bubble chart is a really nice way to convey quickly where the most jobs are, and it’s extremely valuable to students, graduates and those switching fields to know the skills desired in a User Experience career.

The infographic does get a little text-heavy in the first and last sections, but the nature of those sections makes it difficult or impossible to pare down the text. I think they add enough to the overall impact of the infographic that they aren’t particularly problematic. It seems like a small suggestion, but since the job titles are mentioned in a heading, they don’t need to be repeated in the job description section. Cutting out two words, again, seems practically pointless, but the less text there is, the faster it can be read–infographics aren’t supposed to be about reading. This way, the sections could begin, “Provide a deep understanding and insight of user behavior,” instead of, “User Researchers provide a deep understanding….”

Did you notice that’s pretty much my only critique? That’s because this is a fine example of an infographic. It’s earned an A. Put on your party hats!

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