Infographic: A Dictionary of Teenage Slang


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This infographic was submitted to us CenterParcs.

I love the concept of learning to understand what the heck your teenager is saying! The illustrations are cute and the definitions are quite helpful (some, like YOLO and swag, are internationally applicable).

The topic, however, doesn’t lend itself that well to an infographic in the traditional sense. Because it’s relying on text definitions, there’s more reading required than viewing. Limiting to one definition with an accompanying illustration would cut down significantly on text.

It could be fun to include some fake statistics to go along with the information (“95% of teens use this word daily,” for example), so as to further dilute the concentration of text. The more that a viewer has to read, the less likely they’ll stay engaged. Even though each section has perhaps only 30 words, the size and layout of the text make it look as long as a paragraph — rethinking the proportions of the text, then, could be another contributing factor to making this infographic a little more approachable.

In all, I’d have to rate this a C as an infographic — while there are lots of icons and illustrations, there’s a lot of text weighing it all down, and few real “facts” (though the origin story of “dench” is fascinating). As a guide for helping parents decode their children, though — A!

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