Infographic: A Brief History of Asos


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This infographic was submitted to us by Discount and they provided this description:

“This infographic looks at just how much of an impact the pure play shopping retailers Asos has had on the internet, and demonstrates how far they have come in a short space of time. Using both revenue and traffic based data, this insightful infographic really breaks down the complexities behind the daily success of Asos.”

There are a couple things I really like about this infographic, including the data-visualization of countries in which Asos consumers reside. I thought it was creative how the designer used flags to mark the distribution of consumers. I also liked the timeline, which shows the history of the online retail store. The infographic does a good job of remaining relevant and telling a story about the company from start to finish. I also appreciated the introduction paragraph at the top- most IG don’t included them, but I find them really helpful, personally.

Although this infographic has some good qualities, there are also a few areas that could use some improvements. One potential quick fix is the background color. It is usually a good idea to stay away from white or black as a background color because they tend to blend into the background color of the website they get posted onto. Secondly, although this infographic contains a lot of relevant information, there is hardly any true data-visualization. They definitely included a lot of pictures, but not pictures that are representative of the data they are placed next to. One statistic that could be easily visualized is the one about how many Facebook fans and how many daily visits they receive.

Overall, I would give this infographic a C. It has some great aspects, but it also needs a few tweaks. With a different background color and some more data-viz, it could be great.

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