Infographic: A Blissful Summer in Hong Kong


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This infographic was submitted to us by Travel Associates

This bright, colorful infographic brings to mind what the intro paragraph describes: a “neon city.” It’s jam-packed with ideas for what to do on a summer vacation in Hong Kong.

While I love reading about all the fun things to do, the design actually makes it difficult to get the best information. The text is crammed into thin columns and it’s tough to tell how it’s organized. At first, I thought that all the text under each building was describing only events that would happen in that building, but it soon became clear that that was not the case.

To fix the cramped and confusing text, I’d suggest organization with section headers. “Outdoor Activities” could include beaches and hiking, “Food and Drink” could include the bars and restaurants, “Shopping” could cover electronics and more. You could choose more exciting names for each section, of course, but the point is that it helps the reader understand what to expect, and it allows them to skip forward to what they’re most interested in — maybe they are traveling to Hong Kong only for the food, for example.

Additionally, while there are some small icons to help illustrate a few of the points, the viewer still needs all the text in order to understand what’s being mentioned. Organizing the attractions by type and including more illustrations specific to the text could help alleviate this.

In all I’d give this infographic a C-. It’s fun and bright, but it’s rather overwhelming for the viewer.

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