Infographic: 888casino 2012 Achievements


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This infographic was submitted to us by 888casino.

There’s a lot of interesting texture, background, illustration and photography in this graphic. Each section brings a different aesthetic, which keeps the viewer interested — if slightly disoriented. There are plenty of great stats for anyone interested in the business, but it doesn’t drag on for too long.

The graphic makes pretty good use of iconography throughout, but it does become a little text-heavy in places. One contributing factor to this is that none of the numbers are visualized.

The second section does a good job of breaking this up with the “50 Jackpots dropped every day” and “1 Jackpot every 28 minutes” callouts, and the VIP section also does a good job — but the extended $31M stat above the VIP section and the paragraph-style list of events below are a little lengthy compared to those. For the $31M stat, I’d suggest going back to iconography: remove the text description “Among the prizes: trips around the world…” and utilize icons for the prizes instead. For the events list, maybe feature logos/banners for the events instead.

Organization could also use a quick look — in the “Over 600,000 new players…” section, only the top (largest) stat has to do with new players. Perhaps the “600,000 new players” stat could be moved to the final section, since the social media outreach could be linked to some of those new players?

In all I’d give this infographic a C. Good information for a target audience, not trying to do too much, and far from bland in design. However, I’d love to see the numbers shown a little more creatively, and maybe a bit more of a cohesive design so it is not as jarring to switch between sections. I’d revisit the use of neon green in the color palette — it’s the only color that doesn’t quite seem to fit.

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