Infographic: 8 Tips for Healthier Teeth


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This infographic was submitted to us by Haymore Endontics.

This is a nice quick guide offering tips to help make your teeth healthier right away! We can offer a few tips of our own on how to make this a better infographic, rather than just a guide.

To start, it would be excellent to have illustrations/icons accompanying each of the 8 tips, rather than every other tip. Text in an infographic should be aided by illustrations or data visualization whenever possible. There are ways to enhance the illustrations as well so that they help to tell the story on their own.

The first illustration is the only one that doesn’t really work toward the story. The image of the girl brushing her teeth (while cute!) doesn’t convey any info about soft bristles or toothbrush handle shape. The second image does let you know that there will be info about electric toothbrushes — but it could also help explain the point of Tip 3, that electric brushes don’t necessarily clean better than manual ones. Maybe an electric toothbrush and a manual toothbrush could be on a pedestal, like at a sporting event, but they’re both on the same spot and have the same medal? Just an idea for a visual metaphor to help show that they are equal!

The same goes for the floss. An illustration of how to use floss as described in Tip 7 would be more effective here.

It would be great to see some data interwoven here, too. What percent of people prefer hard-bristled brushes? How many times a week does the average person floss? Even without data, a few facts always help ground an infographic, and data helps add a little intrigue and relatability (such as “I floss way more/way less than the average person!”).

In all I’d give this infographic a C — the illustrations should be working a bit harder for the storyline, and I’d love to see some facts and/or stats scattered throughout. (Plus it could use a little proofing. Tip 4 is actually labelled as “2,” and there’s inconsistency in the use of periods throughout.)

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