Infographic: 8 Most Common Counterfeit Medicines


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This infographic was submitted to us by AccessRx

There is some interesting information in this graphic, coupled with entertaining copy — although at times it doesn’t make much sense. I’m guessing mercury, antifreeze, and paint thinner aren’t in regular Tamiflu, so how could they be “the active ingredients” at all?

I’m also not sure how the aesthetic fits in. Bulletin boards, paper clips, sticky notes… seems to harken to school or an office rather than prescriptions. Maybe an Rx pad, pharmacy counter or doctor’s office would be more appropriate.

What would really spice this graphic up the most is to take the numbers listed throughout and turn them into visualizations. Counterfeit medicines kill over 700,000 people worldwide each year? Create an icon to represent 10,000 people and put 70 of them. (Putting just 7 icons each representing 100,000 people might not really drive home just how many that is. A larger number of icons will work better.) That’s the same as the population of El Paso? Maybe Put a map of Texas and a ring around El Paso to show where it is and what physical portion of Texas it is. Create a bar graph to show that while the $700,000 LAX bust was significant, the $11.5 million Viagra ring bust was over 16x greater!

Data visualization is a critical element to any infographic. Illustrations also usually look more fluid than do several unrelated stock photos, so we encourage their use where applicable.

As an infographic I have to give this a D since there is no data viz. However, the information is interesting, so it has potential! Maybe add more numbers to increase the amount of data viz. How many people worldwide take each of these drugs? Any estimate on what % of each drug is counterfeit? What about the % of all drugs? More related numbers!

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