Infographic: 7 Different Types of Free Shipping


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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Free Here is what they had to say about their infographic upon submitting it to us:

This infographic from includes the seven types of free shipping, as well as statistics about how consumers react to different shipping costs when shopping online. It is useful to consumers and eCommerce business owners alike.

Although I appreciate how simple and clean this design is, I unfortunately have to give this infographic a C. This infographic is very text-heavy, when the focal point should (always) be the data visualization. In terms of the information presented, this infographic would really benefit from some reorganization – the different types of free shipping should be more distinguished from one another (they all blend together right now), and the font should be much, much smaller. The icons representing each section are also not prominent enough.

The statistics section is pretty small for the length of the infographic. The graphs should be more clearly labeled by putting the percentages on the graphs themselves, and the titles of the graphs should be a bit more concise.

Overall, this does not measure up to the today’s standards of infographics. It is incredibly text-heavy and all of the data visualization looks like it was done in excel (with most designs, it is difficult to avoid this when using 3D graphs). This infographic works in terms of its color scheme and the simplicity of this design (as I said) and could really become a B or an A if some serious tweaks were made to the data visualization.

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