Infographic: 6 Reasons You Need a Boat Cover


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This is a nice example of how something that sounds like a singular topic can be expanded into a greater story. Rather than simply listing 6 reasons to cover your boat, throwing in some illustrations, and leaving it at that, this infographic also details where boaters store their boats, what types of boat covers are available and their ratings, and how to ensure you shop for the right size. It’s a guide rather than an introduction, allowing viewers to get more than 1 type of information from the graphic.

The colors make sense for the topic, of course, and the iconography and data viz are effective. I do wish there was a bit more color contrast, especially in the case of the circle chart. You need the lines going from each section to interpret what they mean, because the color variation (especially in the first few) isn’t significant enough to do it all that easily on your own. This also makes the few instances of red on the infographic stand out and attract my eye, even if they aren’t the most important things for the viewer to focus on.

I’d also like to see a little more creativity with the data viz — maybe the circle chart could look like a life ring or fuel gauge.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+. It’s doing a great job of conveying information and includes some data viz, but a little more creativity and color contract could kick it up a bit.

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