Infographic: 6 Iconic LGBT-Friendly Wedding Venues in London


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Square Meal submitted this infographic to us along with a description:

Your wedding day is special and London is probably one of the best places to celebrate it. In this infographic you’ll find some of the most elegant and exquisitely furnished wedding venues in the country. These 6 venues have been chosen for their attention to detail, their sumptuous décor, their vibrancy and beautiful surroundings. These 6 LGBT friendly locations are the perfect place to celebrate your special day and offer up some unforgettable memories of your special union. London – the finance and fashion capital of the world, boasts the most number of gay marriages throughout the country. This is a city that is high on equality, tolerance and the celebration of love. If you want to create a day of special memories and celebrate your wedding in style then Square Meal, the website behind the curation of these 6 wedding venues in London, have found some of the best locales to celebrate your wedding.

The graphic features gorgeous photographs of the venues with descriptions of what couples might expect if they choose to get married at each. This setup makes sense for the subject matter, but it would be wonderful to see more than just one photo of each venue since there are so many exciting features mentioned. It looks like the design might be interactive on its landing page (based on the orange “More” text at the end of each paragraph) so perhaps that’s where a viewer would go to get this information, though.

I’d just recommend breaking up the text a little more (perhaps bullet points) and shortening it so that viewers get the idea without needing to read in large chunks.

A short intro and conclusion would also help round things out here, and some proofreading would help remove typographical errors to keep the text distraction-free.

In all I’d rate the graphic a C; it’s an appropriate format for the subject matter, but could use a few tweaks to make it a little more viewer-friendly.

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