Infographic: 5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Strategy More Effective


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Here is part of the description that the folks at PR Marketing wrote:

“People will not be drawn to your company or brand unless they feel like it applies to them. Marketing is changing with the internet, and now that people can find a company just like yours with a click of a button it is more important than ever to woo your users. It’s about being relevant, interesting, and accessible to your customers. It’s about being transparent, or at least appearing transparent to the internet. If you are going to compete in today’s market you have to be likable, and social media is by far the best way to achieve that goal.”

I really like the color palette and flow of this graphic. The way each box and graphic runs into one another provides it with a nice natural rhythm that guides the eye down–you want to keep searching for what’s coming next. “Be Unprofessional” is a nice unexpected tip that ties in with “Be Honest”–marketing that feels like marketing isn’t a great strategy with the modern crowd.

However,white backgrounds are not ideal–they’ll blend in with the background on many websites that might host the IG. Most importantly, while this is a visually attractive way to spruce up a list, inclusion of graphics plus information does not an infographic make. It isn’t information that can really be effectively visualized. This graphic provides tips and tricks, but no concrete data.

This unfortunately means that this isn’t truly an infographic, and with no data viz I would have to give it a D on the grading scale. The dimensions are fine and the layout and design are nice, but the information is completely in text form, with no data to back up the statements. A little research thrown in, so that the tips (shortened, please) are just one factor in a larger infographic about social media strategies, would help this reach its potential.

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