Infographic: 5 Simple Steps to the Best Psychic Reading Ever


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Psychic Elements sent us this infographic, giving 5 tips for consulting with a psychic.

While the tips may be helpful, the viewer relies completely on text to get that information. The only visuals are a moon and symbol perhaps meant to evoke psychic powers, but the tips themselves have no visual context. The final couple of tips, which don’t seem to be part of the main 5, do have icons that help show what they’re about, and it would be great to see that for the 5 main tips too.

A little more context might help fill this out and provide more opportunities for visuals as well. An intro sentence and conclusion would help tie things together, and maybe a bit of information about psychics or why people seek out their help.

That makes it difficult to judge this piece as an infographic; I’d have to give it a D since the text carries the full story, but a few tweaks could definitely improve this piece.

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