Infographic: 5 Industries Radically Changed By The Internet


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We got this infographic submission from; they also gave us a description of the graphic:

Over the past 20 years the internet has had a roaring effect on business and has trail blazed through the world, disrupting proven methods and processes. With the ever-expanding network of global connectivity refusing to show signs of slowdown, the internet is continuing to seep its way into every aspect of life. Because of this, traditional and once universally accepted ways of consumption are now becoming outdated, being replaced by more productive online technology. Recognisable and enduring brands, once loved by many, are now going bust and facing bankruptcy – being replaced by new players, quickly becoming household names. This infographic tells this story of how 5 industries reacted to this fate. It was put together by – a provider of business debt advice, helping struggling companies who are going through liquidation, administration and bankruptcy.

The design shows companies that have gone under, in part as a result of the growing influence of the Internet, and follows up with Internet companies that have grown from the shift. It almost exclusively uses typography to show the stats and data throughout the design, except in the case of the Airbnb guests graph. A bit more use of data visualization would be good to see when appropriate (such as for the percentage increases and decreases), but in some cases (like single monetary values) type really is the best approach.

I’d recommend condensing the intro paragraphs for each section into just 1-2 shorter sentences to reduce the likelihood that the viewer will skip over the information. On a design with so many enticing visual elements, text chunks may be the least exciting thing for the eye.

In all I’d give the design a C+ because it’s well-organized and purposeful, but could condense text in some spots and take better advantage of opportunities for data visualization.

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