Infographic: 5 Hazards That Can Destroy Your Northwest Fence


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This infographic was submitted to us by Rick’s Fencing.

This is a quick and easy way to learn about what common dangers are threatening your fence. The iconography adds some interest, the woodgrain fence background spruces things up (no pun intended!) and the photo at the center is, well, a really nice looking wood residential fence!

There is only one example of data viz (post holes being two feet deep) but there’s only really one opportunity for it, anyway. We encourage numbers-based data and data visualization, so any further research into the percentage of fences that have to be rebuilt due to A, B and C would be interesting to know, or the average lifespan of a fence.

Although this infographic relies primarily on text to tell its story, I wouldn’t necessarily call it text-heavy, which is good. Graphics should shoulder the majority of the story whenever possible, but instances of text should remain short, and this infographic accomplishes that pretty well.

I also appreciate a well-proofread infographic, and this one does a pretty darn good job of it. The only thing I noticed is that the second Weather bulletpoint lacks a period at the end.

All in all I’d give this infographic a B-: it’s clean and does its job. But as a tool for assessing the hardiness of your fence, it gets an A. If I didn’t live in an apartment several floors up, I’d be checking my own fence for these hazards!

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