Infographic: 4 Medical Advances Made Possible by BLDC Motors


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This infographic was submitted to us by Sinotech.

I love all the illustration and iconography on this infographic, and am glad to see some data viz scattered throughout. I especially like the final chart. The organization is clear and the layout is easy to follow. There isn’t too much text, but there is a fair amount of white space, so it does take awhile to scroll through the entire infographic.

The detailed illustrations of medical devices are really interesting to look through (though I’m dying to know what all the numbers on the Medical Analyzer are!), and they provide a nice visual break from the aesthetic of the rest of the infographic.

There are a few instances where I wish data visualization had been employed, such as the sleep apnea sufferer’s likelihood of car accidents, strokes, and heart disease (maybe 6 of the car icons, 4 of the brain icons and 3 of the hearts?) and “The risk of DVT is 8 times higher for patients who are hospitalized.” The more work the illustrations and icons can do to explain the information, the better!

In all I’d give this infographic a B+ — it’s clean and easy to understand, and iconography and data viz are used to the infographic’s benefit. All I would work on is condensing the space a bit (making the numbers of each medical advance smaller could save space) and utilizing data viz whereever it’s applicable.

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