Infographic: 3 Steps for a Successful Vibration Test


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This infographic was submitted to us by Cascade TEK.

This makes a good tool for someone unsure about how to dive into vibration testing. The color palette is bright and varied without being distracting, and the title acknowledging “3 Steps” helps reassure the reader that this won’t take very long to get through!

The nature of the subject matter makes it difficult for an infographic, since there is no data or hard factual information being displayed here. An infographic will typically be conveying some statistics along with its anectodal information — this helps reduce the amount of text needed to get the point across. Without it, this graphic does a fairly good job of keeping the text light throughout and guiding the reader quickly through.

The middle section does appear a bit dense in comparison with the other two sections, however. Steps 1 and 3 make great use of bullet points and brief statements so that there are no text chunks. Step 2 uses several full sentences in short paragraph form — on an infographic, it looks equivalent to a page in a book. Viewers might skip over or skim through this section since it contains so much more text. Consider using truncated sentences and bullet points to get your information across quickly!

In all I’d give this a B. A little bit of contextual data would be great (what % of people surveyed said they were unprepared for vibration testing, some sort of related industry data…) and Step 2 would ideally be trimmed a bit to be more user-friendly.

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